Our Story



The logo of 「FI® 」 got French 「Présence」 on it,

which was derived from a France legendary craftsman,


He was born in a southern France town in 1907.              

MR.VALÈ RE RICHELIEU showed his extraordinary talent

on leather production:he made a lot of delicate

leather creations. Leather production was kind of art to him.  




MR.VALÈ RE RICHELIEU made lots of leather products in order to

encourage the French and the army in 1944 during World War II.

All these products were engraved with French「Présence」and some

inspirational quotes. The French「Présence」 represented the

immortal spirit. The positive Energy heartened the army so much.

As a result, they grew in courage. After this battle, he finally

knew that everybody can success, whatever bigger or smaller one.

Spirit is the only thing that can support us and lead us to the

end of our life pathway.  


With the French 「Présence」, 「FI® 」hopes that consumers can    

gain success on all aspects, no matter life, career or even love. 


Feel inspired, it's called「FI® 」for short. 「FI® 」aimed at

manufacturing accessories for successful people. The main product

of 「FI® 」is high class stationery, which including exquisite

leather creations, notebooks and fashion accessories.

「FI® 」is the symbol of positive energy inheritance, in addition

to carry the spirit of 「Présence」. 「FI® 」also concentrates the

efforts on integrating the brand concept into the products.

Therefore users can keep those positive values in mind, whether in

daily life or momentous occasion.